Part 1 Morning Contemplation


think of these things for your morning contemplation, with your coffee or tea, not the news or the movie you are binging

don’t start with email and messages

start with considering the great mystery of time

that is all we have

we say we don’t have enough

we have so much

are we missing it?

children don’t know they are children

I watch children playing and they are unaware

yet adults don’t know either

we don’t know we are alive this minute, not just with

The forest and puppies and sunsets

which you definitely don’t want to miss

be alive this minute of

your work out and how it feels to lift that weight over your head

don’t yearn for it to be over

same with the deep yoga stretch that your teacher

has you hold for 3 minutes

oh my god

don’t hurry it and sigh and wish it over

be there, be here

and your meeting with your colleagues

they are here at the table in all shapes and expressions

pulling to get the thing done

pulling to make a great product and sell it

pulling to make an organization that is a good place to work

for you and for your family


Part 2  Slow and Still


reflecting and breathing in the morning

smiling meditation upon awakening

20 minute out loud prayer

start with a poet, Billy Collins “Aimless Love”, Maya Angelou “Still I Rise” or Ciona Rouse “Do the Crazy Thing” and of course, Mary Oliver

slow domesticity

walk the stairs to your office, 9 flights

make the coffee, take one to your colleague

wipe down the counters


sweep the floor

pick up the trash

take the call when someone calls for help

send them to AL Anon when that is what they need

or take them to the gym

or back to their writing desk

pick up the phone

tell her you love her

tell him too

in other cases, allow the space, let it breathe, don’t push for an answer

listen to your children

listen to anyone

ask them to listen to you, that too 


Part 3    Listen



someone brings up something

don’t talk

ask more about that, get them talking

it will be amazing

tell me about that

tell me how that is

or as Gabriel says, how are you coming today

and thank you for to be with me this morning

our dear Pilates teacher

don’t worry about understanding or being understood

listen and wonder

be here and see what is happening

don’t miss it

take a stand for yourself, though, caring for yourself and others

write a haiku

I stop to listen;

the cricket

has done the same.

(by Arizona Zipper  in The haiku Anthology edited by Cor van den Heuvel)


Part 4    Listen to your song


take a stand

take care of yourself

don’t absorb others’ woes, witness but don’t absorb

take your space

slow breathing

some things are not for you to handle

it is for them

I call it “none of my business”

even my opinions are “none of my business”

what is your business is loving your life

being awake to this miracle of being a human being

you were born for this moment

your heart is breaking and full, crying, more sad than ever

be with that full life, let that visitor in your house

you are alive

listen to Willie, Leon and Ray sing This Song is for You by Leon Russell

and Your Song by Elton John

love the one you’re with and the one you miss

love the one you are