Elvis showed up at a country music show, where slow tangy songs were played by boring men in cowboy hats. 

Then Elvis comes to the stage. Here is what happened.

(Tip: Go full screen and turn it up as loud as you can)

ELVIS – Elvis Presley First Perfomance Movie Clip (2022)

I have read every Elvis biography and tell-all book, watched all the biopics, even the TV series, I have seen professional Elvis Tribute Artists, been to Elvis week in Las Vegas, and truly I can say without a doubt that I never REALLY “got it”. 

It was like reading about a good meal. But after watching the new Elvis movie, I feel like I tasted his charisma for the first time,and I think I get it. I know I am not a 14-year old girl falling in love with this hunk of sex and power on the small screen or at the festival, but I felt something I never felt in being a fan. And as a hetero normie, it seems crazy I could feel so drawn in. But as I watched this movie with my 20-year old daughter and 80-year old mom, I could see that it was different for them, and it is weird talking about them like that. 

What is it to make people feel something and what is that worth? 

Money follows value. Our work as consultants is not knowledge-based; it is about altering how things occur for people such that they take different actions. Elvis brought the black sound and energy to white people, and we bring poetry and art and love and humanity to business people. And when they hear it, when they feel it, they don’t know why they are so moved, they just are. 

We let people express themselves and say the things that they cannot say. Elvis let people feel something that they were not sure they were supposed to feel and made it okay to feel it. 

I know I’m reaching, but I am moved to be able to see how I can make the same kind of difference that Elvis made. 

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