This afternoon my month and a half-old remarkable 2 tablet fell three feet onto the power button, jammed it, and rendered the machine useless. Thank God it was in its case or it could have been worse! My immediate thought was regret for where I had laid it. That was quickly followed by a sense of alarm, and then loss due to how much it cost. 

But since January, I have been working on being a leader who is unflappable and practicing that when situations arise. Since I am unflappable, I settled myself, and asked myself who I was going to be in the face of this event? What came back was “calm.”

Sure, I was nervous about the process of fixing it – especially when the first three methods I tried didn’t work. Thank God for the internet. It remains undefeated. 

Two months ago reddit user Loud_Difference_3534 posted a solution that required sanding down the edge of the tablet so the power button would unjam. I drove to Walmart practicing being calm, paid $2.08 for sandpaper, and sanded around the power button for two minutes.

At just the right moment, “up” popped the power button. That was good. The next question was if it would even work. Fifteen seconds felt like 15 years. 

Several miracles:

The tablet works fine.

The sanding isn’t conspicuous.

I didn’t have to pay anyone to fix it

I didn’t have a cow while it was inoperable.

I was able to experience the empowerment, clear decision-making, steady action, and possibilities that arise when I come from a place of peace, hope, and possibility.