Dorrier Underwood works with executives, leaders and teams on short- and long-term engagements. Many of the programs below are offered within the context of those engagements, and several are available for individuals from different industries and companies. Our consultants are available for keynote speeches, executive consulting and coaching, and group programs, all in service to the business results you want to produce through your leaders and teams. Contact Dorrier Underwood to learn more!


  • Group Size: 8 – 12 *
  • Length: 30 days total, 3-day seminar plus pre- and post-program interactions
  • Conducted by video-conference
  • Cost: $3,000

*Note: This program is open to the public.

Mastery is Dorrier Underwood’s foundational leadership development program for executives, managers and entrepreneurs who are ready for a breakthrough in their leadership. Over three days, participants from different organizations immerse themselves in a powerful inquiry about how they show up as leaders, what drives them, and what gets in their way.

Coming out of the program, participants:

  • Learn to lead from their vision for the future rather than from worries or concerns
  • See new, inspiring possibilities for their organization, career and life
  • Increase their power to have difficult or contentious conversations
  • Take away a clear action plan to accomplish short-term objectives
  • Return to work empowered to produce unprecedented results

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If you have questions about the Mastery Program, call Ginny Brien at 704-343-9092, ext. 204.

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Leadership Intensive

  • Group Size: up to 12
  • Length: 2 days
  • Location: Client site or by video-conference (This program is most often offered in the context of an organization/intact team or department.)
  • Contact Dorrier Underwood for rates.

Dorrier Underwood’s two-day Leadership Intensive creates a breakthrough in self-awareness, enhancing collaboration and strengthening relationships. Leaders participate in powerful inquiry and a series of dialogues and facilitated discussions. In the process, they:

  • See the difference between “doing your job” and “being a leader in your job”
  • Discover blind spots that limit productivity, accountability, and performance  
  • Design and deliver a declaration that fuels future leadership

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Reset: Creating the Future Through Women’s Leadership

  • Group Size: 6-12
  • Length: November 2020 -April 2021
  • Location: Video-Conference
  • Cost: $3,000

This time in history is being experienced and described in many ways, and here is one we’re choosing: the opening of a lifetime. We are in a time remarkably suited to re-vision, rebuild, and renew like never before. Women—especially women leaders—can harness this moment to have a profound and healing impact on the future we create together.

Reset: Creating the Future Through Women’s Leadership is for women leaders who crave an empowering structure in which to reset internally and externally. Who can you be for yourself, your family, your community/organization, and your world? What’s possible from here, and what will that take of you?

This six month program includes monthly group meetings, one-on-one coaching, wellbeing and mindfulness practices, personal reflection, outward leadership, and a buddy system to support you on your journey. Reset is for women who:

  • Yearn to bring balance and vitality into the future they are creating.
  • See connection, relatedness, and integrity as fundamental to a world that works for everyone.
  • See their instincts, intuition and strengths as sources of power and contribution.
  • Recognize stillness and mindfulness as access points to clarity.
  • Have ideas and strategies to put into action.
  • Are ready to cause something new.

Be the person you are called to be. Join program leaders Amy Lewis Hofland and Laura Neff to move what is in your heart and mind into real life.

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the Red Truck Program

  • Public Program:  Eight two-hour sessions over four months, $1000. We schedule public courses twice a year and internal courses for organizations as requested.
  • Location: video-conference


Whether you’re responsible for a project, a business, or a family, your authentic voice creates a foundation for rich, effective relationships. The Red Truck Program, through writing, develops people’s natural ability to build trust and connection in a complex, swiftly-changing world. This program is led by an experienced writer who provides a safe and creative environment for self-expression and learning. Through the process, participants increase their capacity to:


  • Inspire others and engage them in what’s most important
  • Listen in a way that brings out the brilliance of others
  • Generate insights into problems
  • Build affinity and an environment of collaboration
  • Nurture authenticity


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If you have questions about The Red Truck Program, call Ginny Brien at 704-343-9092, ext. 204.

Action and Accountability

  • Group Size: up to 50
  • Length: 2 days
  • Location: Client site or by video-conference. (This program is most often offered in the context of an organization/intact team or department.)
  • Contact Dorrier Underwood for rates.

Action and Accountability enables participants to move strategic conversations into swift, committed action. Leaders and their teams learn to quickly pinpoint the source of breakdowns and recover momentum. They learn reliable practices for elevating productivity, job satisfaction and performance. Participants distinguish how to:

  • Save time through a more rigorous use of language
  • Make powerful requests and elicit reliable promises from clients and colleagues
  • Hold each other accountable — without damaging relationships
  • Use mistakes to enhance performance, rather than covering them up

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So Many Initiatives!

  • Group Size: up to 50
  • Length: 2 days
  • Location: Client site or by video-conference (This program is most often offered in the context of an organization/intact team or department.)
  • Contact Dorrier Underwood for rates.

So Many Initiatives! eliminates excuses and removes barriers to productivity in every area of business. Participants re-examine their relationship with time, workloads, and the people in their lives. They experience a new sense of freedom in getting the important things in life done, and new power in building a culture of productivity, collaboration, and professional fulfillment. In this program, participants discover:

  • A new relationship with time
  • Practices for maximizing productivity and honoring wellbeing
  • New ways to communicate (rather than complain) about time
  • The ability to treat technology as a servant, rather than be dominated by it
  • Increased capacity to lead powerful meetings that begin and end on time

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  • Group Size: 6 – 18
  • Length: 3 months
  • Location:  video-conference
  • Cost: $7,500
  • In-house programs are also available. Contact us for more information.  


Having maximum impact as a leader requires much more than just knowing things about leadership. True leaders exercise leadership effectively in any situation, no matter the circumstances, on demand. This program unleashes your ability to be that kind of leader. Instead of accumulating more knowledge about leadership, you’ll develop a natural capacity to lead, in all facets of your life and work, at any time.

This executive-level, 3-month program is academic in nature yet deeply experiential in practice. It represents the heart of the transformative work Dorrier Underwood does in the world, with cornerstones of integrity, authenticity, being 100% responsible, and being up to something bigger than yourself. When you place yourself in this work, you can expect the breakthroughs in your leadership performance to last a lifetime.

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  • Group size: 8 to 12
  • Length: year-long initiative
  • Location: video-conference


At its core, strategy serves as a clear and simple road map to the future: easy to understand and talk about. Without a clear strategy, an organization spins its wheels.

Culture on the other hand, lives in the background, dynamic and complex and often taken for granted. A culture at odds with a strategy will undermine it, no matter how good the plan. Those wheels keep spinning.

When you treat organizational culture as an integral part of the strategic process, you can expect breakthroughs in:

  • Clear, powerful communication
  • Integrity: people relating to themselves as their word
  • Straight talk and the ability to hold each other to account
  • People bringing their leadership to the organization independent of roles or titles

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