At first I was skeptical when I was asked to participate in yet another corporate culture workshop, but the work you did with my aftermarket team has already produced a 6% increase in orders, and I fully expect that to reach 10% by the end of the year.  

It was a tough conversation. I was amazed at how quickly we aligned on what needed to be done. 

You saved my company.

The work has been harder than I could have imagined, and it wouldn’t have happened without you. You helped us deal with so many blind spots. The smartest thing we did was bring you in. 

My direct reports are learning to be resources for each other and thought leaders for the organization. 

You are more than just a consultant to a client; the work and the relationship goes deep—very deep. 

When I talk about how I’ve worked through something with my team, people say, “I wouldn’t have been able to react that way.” Writing is what makes that possible. It trains you to notice and listen.

I am where I am in life because of you.  

People are more willing to listen to each other and not so concerned with protecting their turf. Now when there’s a situation that needs to be dealt with, they work it out among themselves and then present their recommendations to their supervisor. 

Our engineers are talking about profitability — that’s something that we didn’t used to see.

We were at a crossroads. We didn’t want to lose our unique culture in the transition to a corporate structure. You asked the right questions and got us to really grapple with them. We started telling each other the truth about what we needed to do to take things to the next level.

My team went from rehashing the same old conversations to completing projects on time. Instead of wasting time being silently annoyed with each other, we now talk through our frustrations and disagreements. It’s made a significant dent in our overhead. 

The Mastery Program changed my life.


“…the best way to respond…is to overcome our habitual fear and reticence and bring our full passionate, creative human souls, with all their urgencies and unnamed longings, right inside the office with us.”


David Whyte
The Heart Aroused

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