Outreach is a way of BEING. You can BE outreach.

Outreach is a way of life like breathing.

Outreach is loving people. 

How far out can you reach?  I bet it’s farther than you can imagine.

It is giving oneself wholly and completely to another person. It is acknowledging the people who are serving you as people rather than objects. They are serving you: the cashier at the grocery store, the human on the other side of the speaker in the drive- through, the waiter or waitress at the restaurant, the person on the other line helping you with an issue you’re having with your internet, phone bill, etc. 

Outreach is knowing that you are a human being (with stuff going on in the background) talking to another human being (with stuff going on in the background). It is showing care and concern even in your frustration. 

Outreach is telling others you love them and appreciate “x” about them, being specific. 

Outreach is a mountain with no top. 

Outreach is realizing that we are really not as different as we think we are, having compassion for each other.

Outreach is not prospecting, but prospecting is outreach as long as it comes from the context of loving and caring for others. 

Outreach is not “in order to.” Outreach is with no strings attached. You do outreach because that is who you are, not because you’re trying to get business and make money. In your prospecting, be outreach first, always first.  In your outreach, don’t be prospecting. 

Outreach is a WAY OF “BEING.”

Outreach is a WAY OF LIFE.

Prospecting is important too and honorable. It includes caring and watching out for the other’s concerns.

Prospecting is an “in order to” activity in the areas of growing your business, your pipeline, your opportunities.

Prospecting is targeted and focused, very specific.

Prospecting is limited. You will not prospect everyone. You can limit your prospecting to develop five or six leads into clients or long term clients. 

Outreach is unlimited:  The opportunity to love and care and make a difference is always there.