Nancy Dorrier

Nancy Dorrier

Nancy Dorrier co-founded Dorrier Underwood with Judith Underwood in 1986.

Nancy is the visionary and creative force behind Dorrier Underwood’s growth while personally coaching CEOs and leaders around the world to invent and implement bold visions. In leading transformational programs for more than 30 years, she earned a reputation for having love and joy make a dramatic impact on people’s lives.

Nancy has a B.A. in psychology from Queens University of Charlotte and a Masters in social work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before establishing her consulting firm, she had a thriving family counseling practice. Over the years, she has received public awards for being a successful business owner and a community and world leader. She received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award from Queens University in recognition for her work with water development projects and women’s vocational training in East Africa.

Nancy is an author who uses expressive writing with executives to maximize their effectiveness as leaders. She is enthusiastic about having conversations that make a difference, collecting art, and learning amazing things from her grandchildren.

Doug McVadon


Doug McVadon has been a Dorrier Underwood consultant for more than 20 years, working with executives and managers to achieve breakthroughs in communication, performance and productivity.

He is a course leader for our large public programs and co-designs our curriculum. Doug has worked with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 firms in a variety of fields, including architecture, health IT, manufacturing, banking, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

He holds a B.A. in psychology with honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

His first career was in broadcast news. Doug started as a radio news reporter, and spent 18 years in the news business, moving from radio to television as an anchor, editor, and news producer for NBC-TV.

Doug McVadon was named president of Dorrier Underwood in 2016, and he is re-shaping and leading the company toward an ambitious growth goal by 2020.

Doug lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife and teenage daughter. He loves to travel: 25 countries and counting, and 49 of the 50 states (Alaska!)

Nancy Chek

Jane Smith

Jane Smith is a senior consultant who has been with the firm since 1992. She is a member of the strategy team and accountable for the design and delivery of Dorrier Underwood’s large scale consulting initiatives.

She consistently makes a profound and lasting difference in organizations through her masterful coaching of executives and teams. Her consulting expertise consistently supports extraordinary leaders in achieving breakthrough levels of performance.

Jane’s dedication to people’s learning to express themselves fully has found expression throughout her career. Prior to joining Dorrier Underwood, she worked in the field of education, first as an award-winning high school English teacher and then as a supervisor and curriculum developer. She also led highly effective transformational seminars for more than 20 years.

A life-long resident of North Carolina, Jane lives in Raleigh with her husband, Phil. Her current passions include creative writing, interior decorating, collecting art, shopping of any sort at any time, and, after 60+ years of avoidance, cooking.

Kimberly Chatak-Nelson

Carol Orndorff

Carol Orndorff joined Dorrier Underwood in 2007 after 25 years of consulting and project management in higher education, healthcare, and the construction industries. She has developed teams in leadership, management, conflict resolution, and best business practices.
Known for her generous listening, Carol inspires unpredictable results in team performance through her expertise in collaboration and accountability practices.

She believes anything is possible through authentic and rigorous communication.
Carol holds a B.S. in education from the University of North Dakota, and completed graduate studies in special education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is also a Qualified Value Technician and a corporate member of the Atlanta World Affairs Council.

An outdoor enthusiast, Carol has hiked in the Pyrenees on four different occasions and is always looking for her next challenge. Besides her work, Carol loves traveling, gardening, visiting with family, archery and meditation. She lives in Atlanta with her partner, Liz.

Gary Davis

Gary Davis

A well-respected keynoter and motivational speaker, Gary Davis is known for his insight, humor, and humanity. His business experience spans the fields of IT, banking and finance, real estate, and healthcare.

Before joining the Dorrier Underwood team in 2009, he worked for IBM and Cisco Systems in sales and delivery.

As a management consultant, Gary leads courses and retreats that empower teamwork, partnership, and accountability. He also works with senior leadership teams, sales producers, and interdisciplinary teams to enable them to achieve unprecedented results.

Gary is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in education. He is a member of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisors and a past member of the Executive Board.

Gary has been devoted to his wife Robin since 1986, and married to her since 1998. He is also devoted to their three children and to cooking healthy, delicious meals.

Laura Neff

Laura Neff

Laura joined Dorrier Underwood as a consultant and director of marketing in 2016, bringing expertise from both the corporate and small business worlds.

From Bank of America, where her focus was on internal strategic communications and training, she left corporate life to launch and nurture four small businesses. She co-created Charlotte, North Carolina’s first urban community supported agriculture program and enjoyed a 10-year career as a leadership and executive coach.

As an expression of her commitment to wellbeing, she co-founded Nourish, Charlotte’s only 100 percent plant-based prepared food delivery service.

She also taught college English, served as coach and leadership faculty for larger-scale personal and business development programs, spoke at business development conferences, and created and led leadership workshops and retreats. For a number of years, she served on the board and as president of the Charlotte chapter of the International Coach Federation.

Laura lives on the outskirts of Charlotte with her husband Robert and a beloved menagerie of three cats, two dogs, and five chickens.

Ken Cecil


Stephen Belenky joined Dorrier Underwood in February 2019 to apply his strategic skills and entrepreneurial experiences to the team. Stephen began his consulting career in 2010 and founded a national consulting agency in 2013 to spur executives to make game-changing transitions throughout the social sectors.

As an impassioned designer of change-management initiatives, Stephen has extensive experience with leadership development within private foundations, public charities, political enterprises, and developmental programs.

He holds a BA in political science and a minor in philosophy from the College of Wooster (Ohio), with a portion of his education completed at Tel Aviv University. The American College of Financial Services has certified him as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy. Stephen also served in the Israeli Army Infantry Corps as part of the Golani Brigade (36th Division, 12th Battalion).

Stephen and his wife, Rachel, reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. Having lived in Antarctica, Israel, New Zealand, and the UK previously, they plan to continue their love of travel and adventure for years to come.

Ginny Brien

Ginny Brien

Ginny Brien joined Dorrier Underwood in 2005. As sales manager, she listens for possibilities within other people’s commitments and operates outside her comfort zone to make a difference with her family, her work team, the community and larger world.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in English and concentration in French translation, she worked as a freelance writer, specializing in grassroots fundraising and public relations for non-profits.

A life-long learner and gifted teacher, she has led workshops on subjects ranging from disaster relief to nutrition, spiritual gifts, homeopathy, pregnancy, and birth. A wordsmith by calling, her writing now finds outlets in introducing others to the work of Dorrier Underwood, documenting client achievements, and in a novel about a family who must come to terms with their conflicting values when their son is injured in Vietnam.

Ginny is a native Charlottean who loves gardening, singing, pickup trucks, and conversations that reach below the surface.

Nancy Chek

Nancy Chek

Nancy Chek brings experience as a writer, editor, and coach to her work with Dorrier Underwood. Since 2011, Nancy has written program materials for Dorrier Underwood and collaborated with other consultants to design engagements.

As a former coach for professionals working on global initiatives, she has explored the power of language to influence perception, encourage or discourage partnership, and turn vision into action.

Nancy earned a B.S. in Education (English and French) from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and has been trained in Results Coaching, based on studies in neuroscience. She was formerly on staff with the Rockport Institute, Walter Reed, and the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, where she is known for both her chili and her praline pumpkin pie. She roots for the Washington Nationals and owns approximately 400 movies, from which she will quote with very little provocation.

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