Have you ever been in a conversation with a person who works for you or with a peer when something they say, or even some random facial expression hits you wrong? Maybe you have a history with the person that the moment evokes, or maybe the situation reminds you of something that has happened before, or maybe you can’t logically explain it.


These moments happen quickly, before any real thinking happens. And the experience in the moment lingers, and maybe even affects all of your interactions with that person or others. It may seem out of proportion to the circumstances, and, guess what –  it is! Your whole body gets involved and Adrenaline takes over, no matter how much better it would be if you stopped being that way.


This happening  is a thing you carry around with you, always ready to happen in an instant. It isn’t about the people, the situation, or the circumstances. It is about you. You get something powerful from it, something familiar and strangely comforting. That’s why it keeps happening. And you probably notice that you sometimes damage relationships because you reacted. People may not trust you or want to work with you. And you may even lose sleep because of it. And yet you can’t seem to stop it from happening.


You won’t get any access to it until you see the damage and own it as your doing.