I am peaceful.

I am grounded.

I am not caught up in my circumstances.

My circumstances are what they are; they are not who I am. 

Circumstances are a part of being a human being.

We can’t get rid of them.

We all have them.

I desire to be the best version of myself.

That is only up to me and no one else.

I have put a lot of weight on other’s opinions of me and in the stories I have told myself over the years. 

Yes, there will still be stories because that’s what human’s do, but they are just that; stories NOT facts. 

This is a miracle given that I have put myself in a shell/box/corner for so long and I didn’t even realize the damage it was doing to me. 

In my work with Dorrier Underwood, I have been able to shed this shell/get out of the corner. It no longer serves me. 

I am the face of possibility, love, acceptance, and truth. I get to say that. I get to say who I am. 

And that feels good. 

And that is a miracle.