Beyond the beyond

In both directions out to the universe that is endless and to the smallest cell, plant, organism, infinity and beauty.


Look below for images 


The first image is plankton magnified 2000 times


And the second image is a galaxy hundreds of thousands miles away

From the Webb Telescope, go to their site.


Infinity, forever, start counting and you will never finish, get to the end.


Movie recommendation

A Trip to Infinity.


Will you be sad forever?

Will you love forever?

Laugh, cry?  In the moment, it seems so.

You can look at a leaf and see veins and connections that look the same in the tree branches and the tree roots.  The pattern repeats itself.



If you dig up a cubic foot of soil, you will find more organisms than you can count


Recommend books

Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek

By Annie Dillard


At Home in the Universe

Stuart Kaufman


There is no end to discovery and wonder.


The awareness of infinity places a context of “play” on our everyday concerns and thinking we are the center of the universe.


May you walk in beauty.  Navajo saying

Beauty and wonder.

Recognize and live with the natural order of life.


This inquiry, discovery and navigation of what do we know, what are we experiencing, what do we not know and not know that we don’t know


It is infinitely exciting and for our clients and ourselves can bring a new perspective to how the world occurs.