Forwarding the Action means empowering others to succinctly address the matter at hand so the next thing can happen.

Fundamentally, forwarding the action often means knowing when to shut up. That is a “big ask” of the average human being!

I was going over a Vision document with Gary and Nancy, so they could critique it, add to it, and help me take it to the next draft.

When they suggested I take out a part or say it a different way, I reflexively began explaining why I did it that way to begin with.

“Well, what I had been thinking was…”

“I know, I just thought when I wrote this that…”

I forgot that the purpose of the conversation was not to uncover my motives for writing it the way I did. It was nearly impossible for me to simply shut up about that, and get clear on the new suggestion or addition.

How much more useful to ask more about their suggestions than to defend what I had already written! In spite of how deeply satisfying it is to say what I already know, justifying my thought process makes no difference.

Forwarding the action requires me to stop voting, stop approving/ disapproving, so I can bring open attention to the matter at hand. Anything else keeps things stuck.