There is no success or failure, just what works and what doesn’t work. Werner Erhard

For me, that is almost not gettable. I know I have success and failure–just ask me, or ask my reaction. When the big deal comes through or falls through, when the client says “You have changed my life,” or “I don’t find this useful,” I automatically label it either Success or Failure. In reality? Without consulting the drama that goes on inside my head? All there really is is what’s next.

Yes, they did say yes to the big deal, but they can be a “no” tomorrow, or they said no but a “yes” could be right behind. There is only looking to see what there is to do or say or not say that works. Now. There is no “the answer,” so it’s a waste of my time to look for that.   

So I keep looking, not at the scoreboard, which only reflects what happened in the past, but at what’s happening now on the field where even the sweat and the blood and the pain don’t mean anything about success–or failure. Being in action on the field, and attending to the action,  making constant course corrections in the face of no results (of course there are no results until there are) and continuing to act gives me a different future than deciding at some point along the way that I have failed.

And what is success anyway, I ask you? Did you and I wake up breathing again today? Well, congrats, we succeeded.