I had a zoom meeting today, and logged in 10 minutes early so I’d be ready to roll when the other person joined.

Three minutes after the start time, I realized that the person was in the waiting room, and had been waiting for me to admit them into the meeting. Doh! This option had been turned off on my zoom for a couple of months, so I wasn’t expecting to have to admit anyone.

I was embarrassed, apologized, then let it go. I mean, I just got off of it and moved on.

I thought about my meeting with Jane this past Monday morning when my upset traveled from Texas to NC and got on her. I didn’t want to get my upset all over my meeting partner today, so I let it go.

I apologized, I was forgiven, and immediately moved on and got present in the meeting instead of worrying about my mistake and what it “meant” or “said” about me.

I was shocked by how seamlessly it happened. I have a strong hunch that if I can let go of the upset and change my mood once, I can do it again.