Generosity serves as connective tissue in so many ways.


Generosity of Spirit creates…

An opening for trust.

A desire to reciprocate.

A space of contribution.


Space for new ideas and innovations.

A bridge. An offering. An open hand extended.

What else?


Generosity of Listening creates…

The safety to say more.

The space for people to say what surprises them.

An opening to discover one’s Self.

The experience of being known.

A quiet mind.


The potential for partnership.

Being related.

What else?


Generosity of Speaking creates…

Room for others to speak.

The space of acknowledgment and appreciation.

The opportunity to admit and address mistakes.

A spirit of authentic communication.

A sense of community, connection.

The ability to learn from each other.

What else?


Generosity of Courage creates…


A willingness to be wrong about something.

A willingness to not know.

New possibilities.

The capacity to say hard things.

Shared visions made manifest.

New pathways to new lands.


What else?