Dear Future Teammate(s),

I’m on pins and needles about your joining our team. First, I’m excited that you “get” our vision for transforming the world through business and that you can see the ripple effect on the quality of life in places we work.

I’m a little anxious, too. We set a high bar, and when people say they “like feedback”, they may have forgotten how confronting it can be, especially if you think you’re really strong at something. At Dorrier Underwood, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to be as good at giving feedback as we are at receiving it; both sides of that communication require continual looking and practicing!

And looking for gaps is part of the game. Every single one of us on the team is in the same boat — human beings who get hooked by things and have to pull ourselves back to what we’re committed to so our egos don’t win the day.

Doing this work is a strange mixture of learning to love and accept your whole self, down to your bones, while staying open to feedback about how you can be more effective. Expect a roller coaster ride with thrills that come in surprising places — partnership with the people who rub you the wrong way, goals that get met in spite of fears that they’re too ambitious, an experience of doing work that really matters, connecting with people at a profound level. And then getting turned upside down by something confronting that you didn’t expect.

Given all that, you may be able to guess some of the qualities we’re looking for: People who can lead from anywhere in the organization. People who courageously communicate in advance when they see a potential pitfall or delay. People who are more interested in the success of their team than in their own self-interest. Buddhist detachment and the ability to laugh at yourself are in the mix, too.

And maybe we should add, we like people who pitch in to help with the dishes. When it comes to hiring for the long haul, little things make a big difference.


Ginny Brien, Dorrier Underwood Sales Manager