On January 1st Kevin Bullard will become one of the newest members of the Garland Chamber of Commerce in Garland, Texas. Dorrier Underwood joined the Chamber when Kevin came onboard two years ago. Since then Kevin has led workshops for the Chamber, participated in networking events, and initiated dozens of conversations with local business people to learn more about their lives and work.

On the one hand, it’s an honor to be invited to serve on an influential board. On the other, the Garland Chamber of Commerce is getting KEVIN BULLARD! Kevin is a man of integrity who walks his talk and keeps looking for areas where he can true himself up. And when he listens, care and respect are palpable.

Our team has been exploring our power to shape how life occurs for us, how to move ourselves from angry or disheartened to powerful and committed. Kevin brings that gift to our clients. When we experience ourselves in a new way, new things become possible – not because we’re trying to create new things, but because they emerge naturally from the new way we’re seeing the world.

I’ve had the privilege of supporting Kevin on his client engagements, hearing how he brings leadership distinctions to coaching conversations, and seeing how hope takes root in situations that earlier seemed impossible to navigate.

Congratulations, Kevin! May you continue to find new avenues to express yourself as a servant leader!