For the past three weeks or so the distinction completion has been rolling around in my mind. I’ve been paying attention to all the areas where I start something and don’t finish (defined as completely done or arriving at a predetermined stopping point).

Some examples: 

  • I traveled two weeks ago, came home, and left my bag lying beside the bed. I couldn’t find it in the closet today, and was immediately ready to blame someone for moving it. When I looked around the room, I located it where I left it two weeks ago.
  • I dropped a lightbulb in the garage two nights ago. I swept the filament and shards of glass into the dustpan. While working in the garage last night, I was surprised to see a turned over dustpan with broken pieces of glass next to the door (maybe Annie Lennox would be proud?).
  • I ordered license plate frames for one of the cars. They arrived days ago, and are sitting in my office – along with the tire inflators that I never put in the cars (here’s hoping no one’s tire goes flat!).

There are just three of many examples of incompletions.

Here’s some of what I’m present to: 

  • Being a non-anxious presence becomes more difficult when I’m surrounded by incompletions.
  • I leave a trail of half-done projects (digitally and tangibly).
  • This trail affects others (like shards of glass next to the garage door).
  • The unfinished items stack up, and create clutter (digitally and tangibly).
  • I feel disempo​wered as I look at yet another project I began then abandoned.

Making those lists was depressing, so here’s language I’m offering myself for a transformed future: Completing what I begin has integrity, and leaves me feeling empowered.