The team at Dorrier Underwood is incredible at unlocking our inner ability to solve our own challenges, both personally and professionally. They have an uncanny ability to inspire leaders to trust their instincts and accomplish things that may seem impossible.

Brad King, CEO and Chairman


At first I was skeptical when I was asked to participate in yet another “executive corporate culture” workshop and frankly approached my first session with very low expectations. After participating in the first several workshops, I was so impressed with the content and how it related to me that I expanded the participation to my key managers and leaders within my group. 

 I can directly tie the work Dorrier Underwood has done with my after market team to a 6% increase in orders in the first five months alone. Looking at where we are headed, I fully expect this to be 10% at the end of the year. 

Dorrier Underwood has enabled us to have open, frank and ego-free conversations to build an environment of mutual respect and trust, and to be able to work as true teams all driving to a common goal.                                                                                                         

Andrew Parlour, Vice President of Sales, Consumer Foods Group of N.A.


Our organization was trapped in a pattern of anger, distrust, micromanagement, gossip and blame. Through our work with Dorrier Underwood, as individuals and as a team, we re-designed who we could be together. The mood shifted, and work became more like play! Our conversations went from negative to positive, and we produced more in a shorter amount of time. Instead of one leader, we generated 42 who make us 42 times stronger.

 Amy Hofland, Executive Director Crow Museum of Asian Art 


I experienced a pivot in my life, professionally and personally, after working with the Dorrier Underwood team.  I didn’t expect that so much of my success as a leader was tied to my knowing and acceptance of myself.

 Giovanna Kanu, Founder 

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