Writing and Books


Why We (and the Leaders We Work With) Write

At Dorrier Underwood, we think of writing as a secret sauce. We use “free writing” for finding clarity and even joy and good moods, all useful for leading and making decisions.

We write appreciations and develop that skill in our client engagements.

We even write “bad presentations” so we can clear out the cobwebs for the good ones.

We work with teams on developing a writing practice. We encourage teams to read what they’ve written to each other. It builds affinity and understanding, which is the groundwork for collaboration, not to mention giving people the satisfaction of being known at work. 

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, your effectiveness depends on your ability to:

  • Communicate clearly,
  • Know what you really have to say, and
  • Inspire others to take action.

The simple writing practice we use ourselves gives leaders a powerful tool they can use at any time, anywhere. Watch Nancy Dorrier discuss the practice in this YouTube video.

Our Writing Programs

See our Programs page to learn about our two writing programs: Being Engaged and Connected at Work and about The Red Truck Writing Program for Leaders.

Our Books

In addition to co-founding Dorrier Underwood, Nancy Dorrier is an award-winning author who has published two books from her daily writing practice.

Nancy is available for readings and writing workshops at your organization, church, or community group. Email Ginny Brien at VBrien@DorrierUnderwood.com for more information.

Stan Went Fishing: Stories and Images of Waking Up, by Nancy Dorrier and Paul Fetters, is an inspiring book with writing that invites reflection and invokes a sense of wonder. With a poetic feel, Nancy’s stories, paired with Paul’s photographs, come together in a unique and beautiful fashion.

This book presents “vivid moments in time about what it means to be human, captured in 150-word essays paired with riveting photographs,” says Nancy Dorrier. “Each story stands alone, and in an illuminating way. Each photograph goes with its paired story. You can see the connection when you look, some combinations more obvious than others.” Stan Went Fishing is about “telling everyday stories that provide readers with a lighter approach to their lives,” says Paul Fetters, the photographic eye behind this work of art. StanWentFishing.com

Manners and Me: An Easy Peasy Guide for Kids and the Grown Ups Who Love Them is a fun approach to learning good manners other than “please” and “thank you.” Having good manners is not only important for children but adults as well! This sweet and quirky guide is an easy way to talk about the importance of using manners, and the illustrations are captivating, pulling all readers into the situation.

Manners and Me teaches how to make others feel special while being polite, considerate, and socially responsible…traits that are essential for leaders of all ages. Whether in the classroom, playroom, or boardroom, this delightful guide is a must-have resource for every bookshelf.  MannersandMe.com

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