“…conversations aren’t peripheral to action, but fundamental to it. It is through language...that we actually shape and create a common future.” Fernando Flores

"Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” Muhammad Ali

"Determination, energy, and courage appear spontaneously when we care deeply about something. We take risks that are unimaginable in any other context." Margaret Wheatley

"Authentic leaders recognize the collective power of an empowered team far exceeds that of any single individual, and they rally teams around a common cause." Bill George

Designing the Future

Most strategic plans are not about the future, and are created to combat current challenges, while relying on the kind of thinking and actions that are familiar to the organization.

Dorrier Underwood’s approach to strategy starts with your vision for a new future – maybe even a future that has never occurred as possible. All too often  organizations scale down their plans to match their current resources and capabilities. Only when your commitment to a new future requires you to expand beyond your current ways of operating is real creativity possible. Often this takes changing modes of working that have been in place for many years.

We work with you to create an environment where this kind of transformation can happen. And then partner with you to develop concrete plans with milestones and measures for accomplishing your critical objectives.

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 Mastery Program

 May 13-15, Charlotte, NC

August 12-14, Charlotte, NC


“I am committed to people loving work and the people on their teams. We produce that. Loving your work is a matter of personal integrity.”

Nancy Dorrier

Dorrier Underwood is a consulting firm specializing in organizational and executive transformation

Founded in 1988, we have offices in Atlanta, Raleigh, and Charlotte.  We work with companies that are committed to being extraordinary:

  • Developing leaders who are authentic and engaging
  • Uncovering blind spots that limit productivity and performance
  • Bringing new tools that enhance collaboration and communication
  • Generating openings for creativity and peace of mind in the face of challenges

Our People

A consulting team that individually and collectively embodies the Dorrier Underwood culture of Authenticity, Accountability, Compassion, and Transformation.

Track Record

Our leadership team is accountable for outcomes rather than the to-do’s to get there, for example, being measured on seeing contingencies that are not predictable. The shift from people giving suggestions to owning their answers is huge.
Mike Braine


The Leadership coaching team at Dorrier Underwood is incredible at unlocking our inner ability to solve our own challenges both personally and professionally. They have an uncanny ability to inspire leaders to trust their instincts and accomplish things that may seem impossible.
Brad King

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