Building a High Powered Team

Stop sign atop concrete rubble."Good enough" is not enough. Staying competitive requires having an edge that can't be duplicated, the kind that comes from valuing trust and communication as much as you value efficiency and profitability.

Almost all roadblocks that emerge on the path to building high powered teams can be traced to automatic responses prompted by our biology. New research into how the brain works offers insights into productive conflict and new ways to build trust, commitment, accountability and results.

Building a high powered team is about creating practices for dismantling whatever gets in the way of effective action, and developing people to operate powerfully in the face of uncertainty.

Dorrier Underwood measures team effectiveness by how well team members develop their leadership, apply what they learn, and produce specific business results.

In working with us, your team will renew its vision, gain clarity
about what's next, and create practices for holding each other to

Engaging in this work will develop the following capabilities:

1. Being open and able to trust each other.

2. Developing people and building meaningful partnerships

3. Examining beliefs that limit high performance.

4. Disagreeing, challenging and questioning each other
in the spirit of discovering new answers and making sound

5. Embracing change and empowering the organization's vision.

6. Achieving genuine buy-in on important decisions,
even when some team members initially disagree.

7. Holding one another accountable to high standards, and considering
oneself the source of accountability when interacting with peers.

8. Setting aside individual needs and agendas to focus on what is
best for the team.

"The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them"
~ Albert Einstein


Leadership and team assessments

Team retreats

Community service projects

Writing and storytelling projects

Accountability projects

Ropes courses

Museum visits

Executive coaching


Sharing stories and building rapport
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