Dorrier Underwood Mastery Program

In the Dorrier Underwood Mastery Program we promise that you will:

  • Have an immediate breakthrough in seeing new inspiring possibilities for yourself and your organization.
  • Learn the essence of managing your organization from the future.
  • Leave the program with the clarity and confidence needed to take actions that produce unprecedented results for yourself and your organization.

The Dorrier Underwood Mastery Program occurs over two months and includes:

  • Pre-Program Interview and Coaching Session
  • Mastery Program 3-Day Seminar
  • Post-Seminar Conference Call
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching
Tuition: $3,000
"The Mastery Program helped me regain my focus and expand my leadership abilities. I recommend this program to anyone looking to expand or grow a business... the faster the intended growth, the more valuable the program."
Glenn Moyer
President & CEO
National Penn Bank
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