Knowledge is NOT power, not anymore


We don’t rely on knowledge alone to prepare leaders for tomorrow. You know by now it’s how you handle situations, who you are able to BE in the moment, that makes the difference between true success and mediocrity.

Pulling back the veil that we pretend separates our “private” life from our “work” life, Dorrier Underwood opens your eyes to a world of possibility that changes everything.

It’s the possibility of:

  • Being your true self all the time
  • Bringing your best ideas and energy to work–without fear
  • Making your full contribution and being recognized
  • Being fulfilled professionally
  • Making a fortune, exceeding business goals, and making a lasting difference in the world

We work with our clients by approaching the whole person, by exposing our human being “machinery” and breaking through into an ability to think and act in new ways. Rather than offering guidelines to follow or skills to learn, we work on connecting the head and heart, commerce and creativity, ideas and action.

In small groups, large groups, and one-on-one, the fundamental work is to achieve a new level of self-awareness. We are less about gaining knowledge, more about gaining insights that make a lasting difference.

In our foundational courses, we work at the level of context and purpose so you gain an unprecedented degree of self-awareness. This leads to a leap in effectiveness and attractiveness, which empowers all your initiatives. Creativity and happiness are available right in the middle of  it all.

In our more advanced work, you take your expanded connection with colleagues to a new level, allowing you to become more accomplished through others in a spirit of pulling together on something that matters. As several of our clients have said, “We laugh more now.” And that’s while achieving breakthrough business results.

“…the best way to respond…is to overcome our habitual fear and reticence and bring our full passionate, creative human souls, with all their urgencies and unnamed longings, right inside the office with us.”


David Whyte
The Heart Aroused

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