Executive Consulting

The same principles that produce breakthroughs for athletes and performing artists apply to leaders in the corporate world. Executive Consulting relates directly to your current accountabilities and always focuses on an immediate win.

Your consultant is a committed partner who consistently calls forth your best. Executive Consulting is designed for leaders who are committed to exceptional performance and breakthrough results. What distinguishes Dorrier Underwood’s approach is our unwavering commitment to producing outcomes.

You and your coach look at your accountabilities and vision, and align on outcomes and precise, measurable business results. Next we custom design how we will work together to produce those outcomes and results. Our engagements include specific, time-sensitive projects to facilitate and speed professional development.

Here are some outcomes our clients generated for themselves, all of which were fulfilled:Single man descending stairs.

  • A grocery chain transforms from being a supermarket to giving customers a one-of-a kind shopping experience.
  • A healthcare contractor has a breakthrough in doing business with the government, making its way through complicated processes and changing leadership.
  • Member agencies create new avenues for collaboration that increase their fundraising capacity.
  • Union negotiations result in a return to profitability and ratification of a new five-year contract.

A typical consultant engagement is designed in 6 to 12 month increments. Dorrier Underwood consultants meet with clients in person or by phone, and maintain a connection to ensure success. New outcomes are developed during the engagement as existing outcomes and results are achieved. You can count on us to challenge, encourage, and stretch you.

Our expertise is in causing transformation, which includes learning how to interrupt automatic thoughts and how to calm the brain – much like what is possible through meditation. This approach results in new insights, and more importantly, new actions that did not seem possible. The timing and intensity of the coaching depend on the nature of the outcomes to be produced.

"The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing."
~ Issac Asimov
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