Dorrier Underwood picks up where traditional management consulting leaves off: Implementation

It is one thing to point a direction or suggest a change. It is quite another to walk the rocky road with you and to stand with you through tough conversations as you gain alignment with colleagues.

Whether one-on-one with you or in small or large groups with your leadership teams, we serve as trusted advisors over time. We look from behind the scenes and on the front lines, working with real problems and convening critical conversations.

What Consulting Clients Report:

  • What had been contentious now connects through a shared commitment.
  • Conversations that seemed impossible now seem accessible.
  • Clarity, once so elusive, now gets created in a simple, reliable way.
  • Making a correction after a failure actually reinvigorates team spirit.

Dorrier Underwood’s executive and team consulting goes deeper than performance, to the purpose of work and the importance of your legacy.

Our organization was trapped in a pattern of anger, distrust, micromanagement, gossip and blame. Through our work with Dorrier Underwood, as individuals and as a team, we re-designed who we could be together. The mood shifted, and work became more joyful like play! We produced more in a shorter amount of time. Instead of one leader, we generated 42 leaders who make us 42 times stronger.

Amy Hofland

Executive Director Crow Collection of Asian Art

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