Jane Smith

Photo of Jane Smith - headshot

Jane Smith is a Senior Consultant and has been with the firm since 1992. She is a member of the strategy team and is accountable for product development and the design of Dorrier Underwood's large scale consulting initiatives.

Jane consistently makes a profound and lasting difference in organizations. She has led highly effective transformational seminars for over 20 years and is masterful at coaching executives and teams to be extraordinary leaders and achieve breakthrough levels of performance.

Jane's work has always been motivated by her dedication to people learning to express themselves fully. Prior to joining Dorrier Underwood, Jane worked in the field of education, first as an award winning High School English teacher and then as a supervisor and curriculum developer.

A life-long resident of North Carolina, Jane lives in Raleigh with her husband Phil. Her current passions include interior decorating, collecting art and shopping of any sort at any time. And, after 59 years of avoidance, cooking.

"Youth is not a period of time. It is a state of mind, a result of the will, a quality of the imagination, a victory of courage over timidity, of the taste of adventure over the love of comfort"
~ General Douglas Macarthur
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