Nancy Chek

Photo of Nancy Chek - headshot

Nancy Chek brings experience as a writer, editor, and coach to her work with Dorrier Underwood. She is particularly interested in the relationship between language and leadership. As a coach for professionals working on global initiatives, she has seen the power language has to influence perception, inspire action, and encourage or discourage partnership. By coaching clients on how to communicate across cultural and language barriers, Nancy helps them harness the power of language to turn their vision into action.

Nancy is also an eager student of the human brain and uses that knowledge extensively as part of leadership development and executive consulting. She has taken graduate-level classes in human learning, and continues to educate herself in how the brain works. Her bookshelf currently houses several books on understanding the brain, including How We Decide, The Mind and the Brain, and Brain and Culture.

Nancy earned a BS in Education from Bowling-Green State University, and has been on staff with the Rockport Institute, Walter Reed, and the National Low Income Housing Coalition. She lives in Washington, D.C., where she enjoys gardening, cooking (especially her famed praline pumpkin pie), and taking drawing classes.

God is the name by which I designate all things which cross my willful path violently and recklessly, all things which upset my subjective views, plans and intentions and change the course of my life for better or worse.
~ C.J. Jung
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